Most of the photos you'll find here were produced by the automatic settings on one or another point and shoot digital camera, nothing terribly sophisticated. I'm rather pleased with the results nonetheless. Newest stuff up top.

Icicles from the last big snow of winter.

Low income bird housing.

Sunset over Manhattan, as seen from the Throg's Neck Bridge.

We arrange our ball valves neatly.

The last of Shea Stadium.

The Highbridge Water Tower, captured from the Major Deegan Expressway.

My uncle's cockatiel. Cockatoo? I'm not sure.

A happy accident with a new camera; kind of reminds me of "The Scream".

A three photo panorama of a nearby Christmas Tree farm.

Taken from the roof of a New York Times printing plant.

The New York City skyline, across the roof of a New York Times printing plant.

53rd Street, between Park and Madison.

Sunrise on the westbound Long Island Expressway.

Saint Bartholomew's Church, seen from 52nd Street and Park Avenue.

Early morning sky over the Citigroup Center.

Golden sunrise glint over Park Avenue.

Sunlight reflected off the East River caused this strange purple cloud.

Sunrise from atop Park Avenue Plaza.

The famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

West across 52nd Street.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

Chrysler building, Empire State, etcetera.

Bird's eye view of Saint Bart's.

The Citigroup Center from forty-five stories up.

53rd Street and Park Avenue.

Japanese Maple in full bloom.

Heavy rain on the Long Island Expressway.

Summertime cloudscape.

Sunset on Tiana Bay.

Sunlight reflecting off of Tiana Bay.

Tiana Bay fog, part 2.

Tiana Bay fog, part 1.

Who would expect such beauty in a Burger King parking lot?

My front yard in late Spring.

Gorgeous yellow-green light filtering through the trees.

Smokestack maintenance in the Bronx.

A room at the front of the house gives me great views of the sunrise.

Subway construction work in downtown Manhattan.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

You can almost see the giant monster about to step from between the buildings.

Southern end of the FDR Drive.

Objects between your camera and the sun make for great photos.

Park Avenue, looking South.

A closer view of Saint Bartholomew's.

Japanese Maple in early November.

The Empire State Building vanishes in the fog.

A mist hangs over Manhattan.

Japanese Maple in late November.

Bowne Park in Queens, New York.