Setting Up

     There's a bit of legwork required here, just take it one step at a time. The following software is available elsewhere, but to make things a little easier I've hosted copies here, as well. Please follow along and install each item as I mention it:

Avisynth - source - site
     Version 2.6.0 is current as of this writing, and is what I'll be using. Choose the "Standard" installation when given the option.

VirtualDub - source - site
     Extract this to a directory of your choice; I'll use C:\VirtualDub for simplicity's sake.

Huffyuv - source - site
     This is a mathematically lossless codec, and does take quite a bit of disk space to employ, but it's fast, compresses well, and should be compatible with a wide variety of editing software. You can use something else if you'd prefer (e.g. Lagarith or UT Video), but I highly recommend giving this a shot. Extract the .dll and .inf, then right click the .inf and choose "Install". Both files can then be safely deleted.

     This ties a number of individual plugins together to do the deinterlacing that makes this whole process worth enduring. You'll find QTGMC, and all its prerequisites, in the thread I've linked. Follow the included installation instructions and you shouldn't have any problems.

     Something of my own design, this takes some of the legwork out of deinterlacing, properly cropping, and scaling your input clips to their new sizes. I'll describe the details of its use later, for now just stick the .avsi file with the rest of the plugins.

     This file is a sample script that I've written to demonstrate basic Avisynth usage. Stick it in a working directory, C:\UpscaleTutorial being the destination I'll refer to from now on.
     Finally, if you need a clip to work with while testing, and you missed the link earlier, go ahead and download the NTSC DV original of the upscaled video I embedded on the previous page. Extract the .avi to the UpscaleTutorial directory.

     That's it! The installation process is finished, arguably the most difficult part of this ordeal. Take a break, stretch your legs, and grab something to drink. Next up we get to the business of throwing some pixels around.